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kjClipper Photo Editor

A complete photo editor with superior foreground selection and background exclusion tools
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18 November 2011

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This is a photo editing tool.

kjClipper is a photo editing tool lets one to cut out, clip, manipulate, color, paint, add text, and manipulate selections from a graphic image. With kjClipper it is possible to do a whole range of photo manipulations. This can range from photo retouching to creating montages. Photo retouching will help remove any blemishes, noises, etc. from digital photographs. You can do everything from photo retouch to photo montage. At a minimum, tools that are required are the edge clipping and area selection tools. Edge, region, elliptical and area types of selections are possible. The selection tool available lets you select a complex area easily. You can specify the boundary quite easily. Photo resizer functionality provides you Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Scale, Rotate, Perspective functionalities. It has a crop tool that lets you select specific parts of the photo which you want to process and discard the rest.

Image processing features can be grouped into anti aliasing, enhancements, manipulation and retouch tool. Besides, it has a feature through which you could create montages and collages. These can be useful in creating posters, making a scrap book and so on. The interface is quite intuitive and simple to use. The main display area lets you view the image and the effects that happen because of the processes applied to them. As long as you understand what could be expected by applying the operations, there are no other difficulties in using this tool. If you are a photo enthusiast, you need a tool like this.

Publisher's description

kjClipper is a photo editing tool that allows you to cut out, clip, manipulate, color, paint, add text, and manipulate selections from a graphic image. The list of features includes: SELECTION (edge, region, area), MANIPULATION (resize, flip horizontal, flip vertical, rotate about an axis, perspective stretch, object grouping), TOUCHUP (feather edge, blend, adjust contrast, despeckle, resample, smooth sharpen), MODIFY (erase, area fill color, area fill hue, add brush strokes), CREATE (add text, paint brush, color selection), CREATIVE EFFECTS (charcoal sketch, convert to gray, invert color) and REDUCE COLOR for web-based graphics. Ideal for creative photo editing, collage and montage editing and scrapbooking as well as specialized professional photography editing at a price hundreds less than other equivalent options.
kjClipper Photo Editor
kjClipper Photo Editor
Version 1.27
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